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In May 2014 we started with the machine and belt conveyor production for expanding the existing plant of the company Kartoffel Bausch in Lich. The company owner Christian Bausch chose a modern, environmentally-friendly and quality-related plant concept. Rainer Bausch, the company founder, already had the idea of implementing this plant expansion. Now the father‘s idea is being implemented by his son. The concept consists of the processing areas for receiving, processing, washing, polishing, drying, sorting, conveying and storing table potatoes. Together with the client, we will set a new quality standard for the fresh potato market in terms of product quality, environment, energy, maintenance, safety and hygiene.

Product quality – Christian Bausch wants the best product quality and selected a 6 metre-long drum washer including a stone remover, a Wyma polishing machine and a dryer for the processing and cleaning of table potatoes. In order to introduce a high-quality end product to the market, he decided to use two high-performance quality and size graders from Newtec. These graders are equipped with high-performance cameras for efficiently identifying and removing damaged products and are currently the most modern and effective machines on the market. In order to ensure the quality of the potatoes during the intermediate storage in the summer months, the entire bunker system is equipped with a cooling and drying system.

Environmentally-friendly – The company decided to use a modern water processing system, which meets all legal provisions and circulates the cleaned water for processing and discharges excess water into the public network in a clean state. The fresh water consumption in the plant is reduced by 80% compared to normal systems. Despite all savings there is sufficient water available for an ideal cleaning process.

Energy-saving – All belt conveyor drives are equipped with drum motors, which have a high torque and comply with the efficiency provisions of the EU. The motors reduce the energy usage by up to 15% compared to other drives.

Low maintenance – The entire new plant is made with stainless steel and other high-quality components, manufactured with precision, and is exactly fitted into the new operating building.

Safety and hygiene – In order to make simple maintenance and cleaning of the entire plant possible, it is practically connected with stainless steel machine platforms including stairs and railings. This measure ensures the product quality and safety of the operating personnel.

Quality, punctuality, cleanliness, traceability and customer satisfaction were already principles of Rainer Bausch. Christian Bausch is continuing the family tradition and the permanent compliance with these principles. The plant will be assembled from March 2015 onwards and will start operating within the first half year. We thank Christian Bausch for awarding us the contract and wish the company Bausch all success in the market which it deserves.


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