Transport packaging.

We manufacture wide range of machines and systems for packaging your products in boxes, crates, large crates, Big bags or on pallets. It is important that your product is both effective and gentle on products placed on the way to the consumer. An attractive presentation of the product ensures long-term your market share.


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Gillenkirch | HKF | Semiautomatic box filler
Gillenkirch | HKF | Halbautomatischer Kistenfüller
HKF | Semiautomatic Box Filler
Gillenkirch | CBF | Automatic carton and box filler
Gillenkirch | CBF | Automatischen kisten- und kartonfueller
CBF | PBF | Automatic Box filler
Gillenkirch | SBF | Bin filler with gooseneck
Gillenkirch | SBF | Kistenfueller mti Knick
SBF | Bin Filler
Gillenkirch | double vertical bin filler svb-dvb
Gillenkirch | doppelter vertikaler kistenfüller svb-dvb
SVB | DVB | Bin + Big Bag Filler
gillenkirch bin filler - gillenkirch kistenfueller
SVBF | DVBF | Bin + Big Bag Filler
Gillenkirch | 25N | Masterbagger for potatoes
Gillenkirch | 25N |Umsackpacker für Kartoffeln
25 N | Masterbagger
Gillenkirch | DW | Turn table
Gillenkirch | DW | Drehtisch
DF | Turn table
BF | Bin filler