Project management.

> 01 | Kontakt

Our website provides you with an overview of our company and our products, but smart solutions make a personal discussion essential for both sides. Only through this intensive contact with our clients are we able to understand the customer-specific requirements and develop individual, smart solutions.

> 02 | Anfrage

Contact us as soon as our products have aroused your interest, and we will be happy to make an appointment. In order that you can satisfy yourself of our quality and the good service we provide, we will happily accompany you to plants we have already built, and our production facilities.

> 03 | Angebot

The planning phase begins with defining the customer-specific requirements. Our sales personnel will talk with you and collect important facts in relation to your product and the desired performance of the machine or plant. Our sales personnel will take into consideration the desired completion date, and will also be happy to talk about the anticipated handling of the financial requirements of the planned project (subsidies, financing). As soon as the customer-specific requirements are available, our sales personnel and design engineers will commence the
2D-planning drawing, and the order management department will prepare a corresponding quotation. The documents prepared then form the initial basis for communication, and can be refined step by step.

> 04 | Auftrag

Naturally we are delighted when the planning phase is successfully completed with an order from the client. As soon as your order has been received, our order management department prepares the corresponding confirmation, taking into consideration the conditions already agreed. After the order phase has successfully been completed, the planned project is handed over to a project manager.

> 05 | Projektplanung

The project manager is in intensive contact with the sales personnel and the client, and ensures that the project is handled professionally and on schedule. In busy communication with the production managers and third-party machine manufacturers, he prepares a project plan structured in terms of content and scheduling, and monitors compliance with the targets until the plant is commissioned. At the same time, he informs the design department and starts the three-dimensional visualisation of the project, which has become absolutely essential for the successful realisation of any plant. We also regularly integrate machinery from third-party manufacturers into our plant designs, and the purchasing department therefore starts the process of ordering the third-party machines. The documentation department is likewise informed, and begins the parallel preparation of all necessary documents (operating instructions, replacement parts drawings, etc.). Stage by stage, an assembly team is assembled, travel documents arranged, and travel and accommodation are organised.

> 06 | Produktion

The managers of our three production facilities are informed, and ensure the professional production of all the machines and systems ordered. Taking into consideration the customer-specific requirements, they manage the purchasing of the materials, and monitor the mechanical and electrical manufacturing of all the machines, conveyor belts and systems ordered. They regularly monitor the quality of the machines in terms of function and the work performed. At the same time, they manage the scheduled manufacturing of all third-party machines, in order to guarantee an optimal shipping process for all plant components.

> 07 | Versand

Prior to shipping, the finished plant components are placed in storage at our various production locations. As soon as the shipping date has been established, our employees load all of the machines and plant components ordered in a timely manner. Where containers are used, our employees ensure that these are first thoroughly cleaned from inside, so that the machines are not dirtied, and the import conditions of the international markets are satisfied. Our employees load all components with the greatest of care and form-fitting use of the loading area, and issue the driver with the necessary transport papers.

> 08 | Montage

The project manager and the assembly team receive the machine on-site at the premises of the client. The machine and plant components are unloaded in a professional manner and placed safely in storage in consultation with the client. The assembly of the individual components then takes place step by step. The machines are assembled, mechanically and, where appropriate, electrically interconnected, tested, and commissioned. A project undergoes changes throughout the entire realisation process. We therefore ensure intensive and personal cooperation between our production facilities, the project manager, and our clients.

> 09 | Inbetriebnahme

Experience has shown that some difficulties may arise during commissioning. This is why our assembly team tests the facility. The plant is not properly handed over to the operator until the difficulties have been resolved. At the same time, the operator receives the necessary documentation.

> 10 | Service

In order to lastingly secure the investment of our clients, we believe in good service. We ensure that our clients are promptly supplied with the right replacement parts and professional customer service.

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