The automation of processes and the combination with a computer weigher ensures precise capacity and reduce personnel costs. The product-made-surge tank allows the filling of the packaging and the orientation of the products combined in subsets. An intermediate container is lowered into the box and reduces the drop height of the product to a minimum. The weigher delivers two portions, at a time, to the machine ́s hopper. With the unique construction of the hopper and additonal vibration, the carrots are orientated before diving and filling to the box. The box automatically detected and clamped in the filling position, the hopper dives into the box and fills the orientated carrots with minimum drop. A vibrator placed underneath the box ensures the products are evenly distributed.

> Intended use

  • Suitable for fully automatic product filling in boxes and cartons

> Standard Equipment/Options

  • Heavy duty construction of stainless steel
  • Automatic box positioning system
  • Three conveyor (feeding, filling, outlet)
  • Vibrator under filling conveyor
  • “No box-no filling” System
  • Double portion hopper with vibration
  • Diving hopper with variable speed controlled by inverter
  • All motors equipped with food grade oil
  • Fully interlocked guarding system
  • Different filling programs
  • User-friendly touch panel and PLC
  • Control equipped with circuit breakers
  • All cabling is labeled and numbered
  • Safe for users, CE compliant
  • HACCP standard

> Specifications

  • Width (B): 1100 mm
  • Length (L): 3100 mm
  • Height (H): 2400 mm
  • Power supply: 230/400 VAC+N+PE, 50 Hz
  • Electrical consumption: 3.5 kW
  • Air consumption: 110.0 l / min
  • Range: 5.0 to 20.0 kg
  • Capacity:
    • 6-10 boxes per minute
    • *dependig on the product

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