Powerful, low-wear and functionally reliable drum washing machine, equipped with a spray washing unit and outfeed conveyor. Available in various sizes and capacities.

> Intended use

  • Suitable for highly efficient and careful washing of sensitive products
  • Products: Potaoes, carrots, beetroot and similar products

> Standard Equipment/Options

  • Solid steel construction
  • Washing drum in stainless steel construction
  • Outfeed conveyor ICS-300 with cleats
  • Spray lance
  • Adjustable outfeed gate
  • Gear motor
  • Safe for users, CE compliant
  • HACCP Standard

> Options

  • Water recycling system
  • Gear motor with food grade oil
  • Service platform with stairs and railings
  • Platform with stairs and handrail

> Specifications

  • Dimensions and capacity on request

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