The Wyma Vege-Polisher™ has a rotating drum consisting of rows of nylon brushes. The vegetables enter the machine via a large feed chute. Inside the drum, two water pipes spray fresh and/or re-injected water onto the vegetables as they move forward. On the discharge side, the vegetables slide down a chute with minimal inclination to ensure a smooth transition to the next machine in the row. The Vege-Polisher™ can significantly improve the appearance of your fresh vegetables. As a result, more of your produce can be packaged as premium quality. This in turn increases the proportion of your produce on the shelves.

> Intended use

  • Suitable for gentle washing and polishing of vegetables
  • Products: Potatoes, carrots, beetroot and similar products

> Standard Equipment/Options

  • A – Reliable V and synchronous belt drive systems with proven performance and durability.
  • B – Side doors and end guards are fitted with RFID safety switches to meet operator safety standards.
  • C – Guide rollers mounted on top of drum and out of wash area for improved lifespan, access and hygiene.
  • D – Geared motor positioned away from water and debris.
  • E – Unique, enhanced bearing protection features to maximise lifespan of equipment.
  • F – Automated operation controlled via touch screen on cantilever arm – easily fitted to either side of machine.
  • G – Spray bars are positioned external to the brushes to minimise accumulation of debris on the bars.
  • H – Smooth contact surfaces with minimal debris catch points. Surfaces are easily sighted and accessed for improved
    hygiene and ease of cleanin.
  • I – Reliable V and synchronous belt drive systems with proven performance and durability.
  • J – Horizontally balanced side doors provide unobstructed access along the full length of the drum and brush shafts for
    inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
  • K – Ability to customise brush configuration to suit a range of produce varieties and conditions to maximise polishing
  • L – Isolated wash zone with partitions and a sealed wash cover for improved containment of water and dirt within the drum and protection of the drive zones.

> Specifications

> Modell WPP2412

  • Capacity: 5-10 t/h
  • Brush rows: 12
  • Lenght: 3125 mm, Width: 1410 mm, Weight: 2 t
  • Water consumption: 3-10 m³/hr

> Modell WPP3014

  • Capacity: 8-20 t/h
  • Brush rows: 14
  • Lenght: 3790 mm, Width: 1660 mm, Weight: 3 t
  • Water consumption: 4-14 m³/hr

> Modell WPP3016

  • Capacity: 10-25 t/h
  • Brush rows: 16
  • Lenght: 4085 mm, Width: 1919 mm, Weight: 4,5 t
  • Water consumption: 4-14 m³/hr

> Modell WPP3518

  • Capacity: 15-35 t/h
  • Brush rows: 18
  • Lenght: 4520 mm, Width: 1970 mm, Weight: 5,5 t
  • Water consumption: 11-33 m³/hr
  • All data are approximate and depend on the product

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