WSG | Sieve Grader

Suitable for easy sorting of products according to diameter (especially product fragments).



New Plant | Continuous Paperfilm

Leading supermarkets have recently started using paper packaging for potatoes. So suppliers have to change their machine production accordingly.




Canada (PEI) | We find everything

Video:  “The Journal Pioneer” P.E.I. Potato industry invests in food safety

Article:  “The Journal Pionieer” P.E.I. Potato Solutions reports strong demand in first year

On September 01, 2015 we visited RWL Holding (PEI, Canada) to see for ourselves the results of the metal detector conveyors sold.

The reception was absolutely positive, because the customer was enthusiastic about the result of the machine. During the last weeks many potatoes contaminated with metal were found and removed from the flow of goods.




Austria | Plant for carrots

Thaur | Gemüseland Tirol | The plant is suitable for sorting and packing of carrots with a capacity of up to 8 tons per hour. The customized plant concept, the equipment and the entire installation is intended to achieve the highest product quality in terms of processing and Hygiene.




Africa | School project

On 25  September 2014, the head teacher, Flora Mlaki, of the Lambo Estate Primary School in Africa and Gerd Brodde, head teacher at the Hühnerheide primary school in Dinslaken visited us.

Gillenkirch school project 5

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