Dinslaken | Innovative and cosmopolitan.

Dinslaken is the place for engineering, sales and service our machinery and equipment. At the same time we produce at our location in West Germany, our horizontal packaging machines, drum dryer, Even flow hoppers and smaller series conveyors. Due to the new administrative building and good technical equipment we are able to receive international customers, to convince you of our investment concepts and the quality of our machines and equipment.

Engieering and Sales:

Engineering & Sales GmbH
Erlenstr. 90
46539 Dinslaken
Fon +49 (0)2064 4969-0
Fax +49 (0)2064 4969-69


Gillenkirch GmbH Packaging Systems
Erlenstrasse 90
46539 Dinslaken

Bremervörde | Flexible and Powerful.

Bremervörde is the production base of Gillenkirch GmbH Fördersysteme & Automation. In northern Germany, we have a total floor space of 3000 square meters and the location is ideal for large machines and numerous transport systems. With the enlargement of the building, we installed a modern production line for the manufacture of conveyor belts and we are now able to order and produce flexible. Due to the good technical conditions and infrastructure we are able to load several trucks or shipping containers in a day in order to ensure on-time delivery.

Gillenkirch GmbH Fördersysteme & Automation
Im Stüh 2
27432 Bremervörde
Fon: + 49 (0) 4761 / 9314-0
Fax: + 49 (0) 4761 / 9314-93
Email: info-elm@gillenkirch.com

Jihlava | Qualified and Experienced.

Jihlava is the production base of Fresh link and Packaging Solutions. In the Czech Republic, we have a qualified and experienced team for a high quality machine and plant production. Due to the current dynamic developments and increased demand in engineering, especially in the industrial segment, we plan together with Fresh Link to ramp up production for the year 2015/2016. At the site we merge our long experience for optimum order processing in order to effectively implement successful worldwide investment projects.

Fresh Link and Packaging Solutions
Antonínův Důl 107
586 02 Jihlava
Czech Republik
Fon:    +420 564 040 461
Email: info@fresh-link.cz
Web:   www.fresh-link.cz