Conveying | Storing.

We design and manufacture a wide range of conveyor and storage systems for various applications. Depending on the product, the type of loading and the use we find customized solutions for the transportation and storage of bulk and general cargo. Our horizontal and rising transport solutions allow your product is gently and efficiently promoted to the desired position. Gillenkirch conveyor belts are top quality, designed and processed to the smallest detail. We manufacture custom made to suit your individual requirements.


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Gillenkirch | EF | Even flow hopper
Gillenkirch | EF| Even Flow Vorsilo
EF | Even Flow Hopper
Gillenkirch | SB| Storage bunker
Gillenkirch | SB | Zwischerbunker
SB | Storage bin
Gillenkirch | HB | Hopper bunker
Gillenkirch | HB | Trichterbunker
HB | Hopper Bunker
Gillenkirch | BS | Bunker system
Gillenkirch | BS | Bunkersystem
BS | Bunker System
Gillenkirch | AFB| Automatic fallbreaker system
Gillenkirch | AFB | Automatisches Fallbrechersystem
AFB | Automatic Fallbreaker System
Gillenkirch | FB| Static fallbreaker system
Gillenkirch | FB | Statisches Fallbrechersystem
FB | Static Fallbreaker System
Gillenkirch | FCS-225| Bunker discharging conveyor
Gillenkirch | FCS-225 | Bunkerentnahmeband
FCS-225 | Bunker Discharging Conveyor
Gillenkirch | COF| Change over flap
Gillenkirch | COF  Umschaltklappe
COF | Change-Over Flap
Gillenkirch | DVC-225| Double vibrating conveyor
Gillenkirch | DVC-225| Rüttelband
DVC-225 | Double vibrating conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-185| Pre-pack conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-185| Fertigpackungsband
FBD-185 | Pre-Pack Conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-200| Intralox conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-200| Intralox Förderband
FBD-200 | Intralox Conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-225 | Intralox conveyor
Gillenkirch | FBD-225 | Intralox Förderband
FBD-225 | Intralox Conveyor