Repackaging machines

We manufacture a wide variety of machines and systems for packaging your products in cartons, crates, large boxes, big bags or on pallets. It is important that your product is brought to the consumer effectively and at the same time in a way that is gentle on the product. An appealing presentation of the goods secures your market share in the long term.

25 N | Repackers

BF | Box filler

CBF | PBF I Carton and case filler

DF | Turntable

HKF | Carton and box filler

SBF | Box filler

SVBF | DVBF | Case and Jumbo Bag Filler

The new Gillenkirch
general catalogue.

From receiving to sorting to packing - in our general catalogue you will find the right machine for all steps of fruit and vegetable processing. Discover extensive information on each of our machines.


Product brochure “25 N Repackers”

Product brochure “BF Box filler”

Product brochure “CBF | PBF | Carton and case filler”

Product brochure “DF Turntable”

Product brochure “HKF Carton and box filler”

Produktbroschüre “SBF Box filler”

Product brochure “SVBF | DVBF | Case and Jumbo bag filler”

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