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On 25 September 2014, the headmistress Flora Mlaki from the Lambo Estate Primary School from Africa and Gerd Brodde, headmaster of Hühnerheide Primary School in Dinslaken visited us.

The Lambo School is located in Tanzania, near the city of Moshi and is a partner school of the primary school of Anna Manteca, the daughter of Andrea Manteca and granddaughter of the company founder Gerd Gillenkirch. Through this connection, we became aware of the school’s situation and in 2012 took the decision to financially support the school in its new “water project”.

In summer 2013, preparations and planning began for the project, which aims to improve the water supply at Lambo School. First, experts were consulted to help decide whether the supply should be provided by well construction or by connection to the public water supply. In the end, the decision was made in favour of connecting to the public water supply, as the relevant infrastructure was available in the vicinity of the school. This solution proved to be more cost-effective and also more reliable. It was agreed that the parents would dig the trenches themselves and pay the monthly consumption costs after completion. We thank Mrs. Mlaki for her visit and the gifts she brought with her. At the same time, we wish the school continued good ideas and support to give the children and their families a better future.

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