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On 1 September 2015, we visited RWL Holding (PEI, Canada) to personally see the result of the metal detector tapes sold.

The reception was absolutely positive, as the customer was thrilled with the result of the machine. In the last few weeks, many potatoes contaminated with metal were found and removed from the flow of goods.
The customer is sure that even the smallest metal parts are detected and that no contaminated product leaves the factory. This not only provides a reassuring feeling for the customer, but first and foremost protects the consumer.

In addition, the metal detector belts are used to take a regular sample from the product stream. We will soon be upgrading the optical camera system for golf ball detection. The tests conducted in-house are promising and we will soon launch the new camera system.

We thank RWL for the trust they have placed in us. Only with courageous and trusting customers is it possible to develop new machines and bring them to technical maturity.

We are pleased that the developed machine ensures the highest level of consumer safety in the market after only a short development time and that the investment is a right decision for all parties involved.

Press report: „The Journal Pionieer“ P.E.I. Potato Solutions reports strong demand in first year”

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